3 Dangerous Apps that can Ruin Your Kids

3 Dangerous Apps that can Ruin Your Kids

What software is harmful to my child? Here, I will list the 3 most dangerous apps for you. Your child should be far away from the 3 software. If you find your child installed and used these software, you need to unstall and delete the apps from your chld’s smartphone. But how to find these software in time? Yes, there is a best cell phone spy apps that can aid parents in monitoring how your children use their smartphones.

3 Dangerous Apps

Amongst some awesome apps, there are a few dangerous ones as well, and if your kids get their hands on it, they can prove to be quite toxic.

Effects of internet and social media on children have been well documented, but one problem that people seem to overlook are the seemingly harmless apps that can prove to be quite harmful for kids. As a parent, you give them access to smartphones, and then you completely forget about it. Without any proper supervision, kids download all sorts of apps. Some of these apps are downright bad, but there are some that don’t look like trouble, but in your children’s hand, they can be quite unsafe. We cannot possibly discuss all of them, which is why we have only chosen three most dangerous apps available on the app stores.

3 Dangerous Apps Parents Needs to Save Their Kids From

After School

After School app is almost like a digital bulletin board, enabling kids at one institute to share everything with each other. Now on surface, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem, but its usage is often downright sinister. One of the kids can take a dirty photo of some girl at school, and then they can share it on the platform where it is visible to everyone. It can literally ruin the girl’s life, and make it extremely difficult for her to return to the institution and face her peers. That’s not all though as this platform can also be used to exchange phone numbers of the girls of the institute, pornographic content, cheat sheets, and more. The app itself is pretty helpful, but you know how kids roll these days. So, save yourself and your kids from all the trouble and stop them from downloading this app.

Seeking Arrangement

The Seeking Arrangement app contains profiles of men and women willing to meet others for certain payment. Anyone can make use of this app at any given time. Hardly surprisingly so, kids are more than likely to use this app. All they have to do is make a payment and they will have a date to go on. It might look like a huge convenience to them initially, but the moment they realize how simple it is to get a date through this app, they will keep coming back to it. Knowing that, it is advised that you keep this app out of your children’s reach at all costs.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak app allows users to share a message with everyone within 500 feet of them. If the message is non-threatening, it may not get much attention, which is good, but today’s young generation crave for attention. So they might start to post stuff that’s offensive to someone, or they may start to share revealing photos of themselves. This may allow them to become an instant hit on the platform by doing such things, but not for the right reasons. People might start making fun of them, insult them, abuse them, and even assault them in some cases. If the person writing an attention-grabbing message is a girl, then she might be in even more trouble as sexual predators might start searching for her. It might not too prove too difficult to trace her either, as she of course is present within a 500 feet radius. All this can lead to life-threatening concerns. It will be better if you block this app altogether, but if you can’t, then just make sure that you children stay away from it.

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