Windows Monitoring Software Reviews

Asus Computer Spy Software – Spy on Asus laptop and PC freely

“Can I get a free Asus spy software for monitoring my son’s Zenbook 13? He hangs out with a wild crowd and he like playing games all day. Something must be done against net game addiction. Please give me some advices.” From a Dad Read More

How to spy on Surface Pro 4/5/6 remotely?

If you are reading this article, I think you have found your solution. Surface Pro Spy Software is a software designed for Surface Pro 4/5/6 running Windows. The application runs silently and invisibly recording all activity that takes place on the Surface Pro. Read More

How to protect Children’s Online Privacy?

Network is a virtual world. You will encounter all kinds of people and things. The invasion of net-privacy seems to receive much concern in recent years. As an adult, you can’t identify the authenticity of the information clearly, not to mention the underage child. Being mentally immature and sociably inexperienced, many of children (13 to17 years old) are easy to be deceived by subterfuges. Read More

Best monitoring software for Lumia 650

How to spy my son’s Lumia 650? I found out that my son was a bit of a freak. I plan to get a monitoring software to better monitor my son. Please give me some advice. Appreciate very much!!! – Charles Helfrich Read More

Best Windows Computer Monitoring Software – 2020

Online predators, cyber bullies, pornography and violence lurk on the internet, but you can shield your family from unwanted exposure through a computer monitoring software. Are you angry with some “inappropriate content” was downloaded onto some computers? Read More