How to protect Children’s Online Privacy?

How to protect Children’s Online Privacy?

Network is a virtual world. You will encounter all kinds of people and things. The invasion of net-privacy seems to receive much concern in recent years. As an adult, you can’t identify the authenticity of the information clearly, not to mention the underage child. Being mentally immature and sociably inexperienced, many of children (13 to17 years old) are easy to be deceived by subterfuges.

How to protect Children's Online Privacy?

I have a friend, she is a reporter. She has been concerned about the protection of minors’ Internet privacy for several years. Recently, some unruly elements set online sales trap, causing girls deception. Parents should pay attention to the recruitment of child models or starts of advertising. Children are very easy to send their photos to other people, even strangers. Many of these photos will involve personal privacy. Some children even sent their nude photos to the so-called talent scout. Child’s privacy is threatened. As parents, you should keep the evidence then call the police as soon as possible. Try your best to avoid criminals to further spread the information. These pictures are likely to flow to the obscene market.

How to avoid such a thing? How to protect Children’s Online Privacy? As long as the monitoring of the child’s network environment everything becomes simple. We need to start with social tools, such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Social Network, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts even Email; Monitor Internet use, including Browsing History and Website Bookmarks. Dose an application allows me to block access to websites that may contain harmful content? Which program can do the jobs? Our Monitoring Software is your best choice. The monitoring software can run in computer, tablet or smartphone. You can track all activities and send the information back to your monitoring app user account. This software can help you keep your daughter or son on the right track. Just installing the spy app into your child’s smartphone, tablet or computer, you will protect your children very well.

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Main Features for the best monitoring software

– View text message sent from or received by the target device
– Read Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and iMessage Instant Messages
– Get GPS locations as often as you wish
– Monitor Facebook and Twitter messages
– Log call details and websites visited
– View photos and video taken by your children’s smartphone/tablet/PC
– View memos, contacts and email
– Block Apps from running on the device
– Check Browsing History and Website Bookmarks, Blocking Websites

How it works?

Step 1: Purchase the monitoring program

Step 2: Download and install the Software into target device

Step 3: Login to view all the activities

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