How to spy on HTC One X9?

How to spy on HTC One X9?

Get the professional HTC One X9 Spy Software here to spy and monitor the target HTC One X9 anytime anywhere without anyone knowing. You can read this post to get the details on spying on HTC One X9 via your computer or smartphone.

Now the smartphones like the HTC Ons X9 are as powerful as a full- fledged computer with internet access, just like the internet, there are use and misuse of a powerful HTC Ons X9. If the thought of giving your employee a HTC Ons X9 somehow bugs you, it is totally justified. Parents giving their employee such a feature rich phone must proactively looking for ways to keep an eye on the use of this very phone. The good news is, it is not at all difficult to become a FBI agent and remotely, silently monitor and spy on the HTC Ons X9, right down to every (or as much as you demands and specifies) aspects of usage.

How does a HTC Ons X9 spy software work?

The HTC Ons X9 spy app is actually a hybrid of software and service, which allows you to monitor HTC Ons X9 in real time. In order to get the HTC Ons X9 monitor work, a piece of software needs to be planted into the galaxy you want to spy. Once the monitoring software is planted and running (stealthily, not visible in the running process list on HTC Ons X9), it will record an array of phone activities and upload the data to a remote server via an encrypted transmission channel, which you can access with an internet browser.

HTC One X9 Spy App - Spy on HTC One X9

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HTC One X9 Spy App Features

Spy on text messages
Every message sent and received with this spy planted HTC Ons X9, even after deletion, will be archived and report back to the control panel, where you can visit on a browser on any computer or smartphone.

Tracks IM client like WhatsApp and Skype
There are some popular, feature-rich chat apps for HTC Ons X9, like WhatsApp and Skype, chats can be stored and sent to the control panel.

GPS location,
With a specified time interval, the HTC spy app reports the gps data of the phone, the actual whereabouts of your children. This could also be useful for retrieving the phone when the phone is stolen or lost.

Monitoring Kik
Supervise the use of the popular Kik messaging app to ensure that it is not being misused.

Internet browsing history
HTC Onx X9 Spy Software records the urls of all websites visited and sends that information directly to your user account.

Call log and record phone calls
Each incoming and outgoing call is logged with numbers, duration and time stamp. The actual call can be recorded in real time.

Access to photo and video library,
View all video and photos on the monitored HTC One X9 using this advanced Android spy software feature.

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Supported Devices: HTC One X9, KTC One A9, HTC One M9, Desire 626/526/520/816/512/510, Desire EYE, HTC One M8, HTC One E8, HTC One remix, HTC One Max, HTC U Ultra, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Will the spy app be listed in the running task Windows of the HTC One X9?

After the Android spy app’s installed, it quickly fades away into the background, it won’t be showing up in the active tasks menu, however, the app may cause signs that indicate there’s something wrong with the smartphone, like the mobile data quickly drains away if the media upload features are enabled in the monitoring software’s control panel, or the battery drains and overheating of the phone when the spy’s busy at working.

Is root necessary to spy on the HTC One X9?

HTC One X9 spy app doesn’t require it to be rooted.

Can I uninstall the software without spied phone?

The best monotoring software can be remotely uninstalled from HTC One X9 via your online account control panel. No hassle.

Live Chat with US, if you have questions about the feature and limitation of the HTC One X9 Spy Software, if the internet connection is slow, it may take some time for the chat client window to pop up.

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